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Loan Approval Process
Loan Approval Process

Loan application

Submit the form online and we will get back to you quickly. Our normal response time is within minutes or hours, not days.


Project assessment

After getting more details about the property, your renovation history, and your available equity, we assess the deal. We will then send you a term sheet with our proposed loan amount, rate and terms.


Term sheet and deposit

After you sign and return the term sheet with a small commitment fee, we will order a home appraisal for the property.


Supporting documents

Depending on your project and profile, we will ask you to submit some supporting documents. These may include copies of the sales contract, your corporate documents (if buying as an LLC or organization), and a construction budget and schedule.We also require builder’s risk insurance to protect you and us against any accidents at the job site.


Draw schedule

We will work with you to create a draw schedule, which determines when you will receive the draws or loan installments during the construction process.


Loan closing and disbursement

We will help you choose a settlement company and get all necessary documents to closing. At closing, you will receive your first loan payment which you will use to buy or refinance your property and get started on your renovations.



At the designated draw schedule milestones, we will inspect the property and you will receive your loan draw payments so you can continue and complete construction.


Sell or refinance

Sell or refinance your property within the loan term and pay back the loan with your proceeds. Then repeat the process on your next deal!

Why Choose Walnut Street Finance? Because Our Loan Approval Process Is:
Why WSF is Fast

Our application takes less than a minute to complete. We respond quickly, discuss the project, and can provide an approval within minutes. We can fund loans in a matter of days to help keep your project moving forward.

Why WSF is Local

Decisions about your project are made locally by people who understand the market. Chances are we’ve already funded a renovation in your neighborhood.

Why WSF is Simple

Our loan approval process is streamlined to get your project off the ground with as little time, effort and paperwork as possible.

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