Land and Real Estate Development Loans

Land and real estate development loans are used to purchase land and prepare it for development. Many developers then sell the land to a builder, but some developers obtain a construction loan and build on the land themselves.  

The activities, known as horizontal improvements, that are financed by land and development loans include:

  • Subdividing land
  • Excavating, leveling and grading
  • Building roads
  • Installing sewers and drainage systems
  • Bringing water, power and other utilities to the site

Land and Real Estate Development LoansLand and real estate development loans can be bundled into one acquisition and development loan. Once a site has been acquired and improved horizontally, it is ready for construction of residential or commercial buildings – known as vertical improvements.

There are many reasons to turn to Walnut Street Finance as the lender for your land and real estate development loan:

  • Our loans are fast and flexible and require less time and money down than a bank loan.
  • Our 20 years of real estate development experience means we understand your project.
  • Our loans are based on the property value, not solely the borrower profile.

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