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8 Ways to Tell the House You’re Buying Is a Flip

Know how to investigate a property’s background and spot suspect work before you put in an offer on a flipped house. READ NOW

6 Tips for Becoming a Private Lender

For some investors, “banking” deals can be profitable, but there are risks and details to consider. READ NOW

Alternatives for Anxious Investors as Stocks Drop

There are steps that will suit those who are not embracing the risk associated with bonds and stocks. READ NOW

Looking for a community in which you’ll feel right at home

Buyers in the Washington area, accustomed to the lack of available homes and declining affordability in the past few years, are beginning to recognize that widening their scope of potential neighborhoods might be necessary to get a home they want. READ NOW

The Obamas Add an Unusual Amenity to Their Home: Can You Guess?

Now that former President Barack Obama and his family own a home in Washington, D.C., (bought back in May 2017 for $8.1 million), they have been renovating up a storm … and the latest add-on is a bit of a shocker for the area. READ NOW

Four Ways Real Estate Can Boost Retirement Income

Even if you manage to sock away a fair amount in your 401(k) every year, it’s not unusual to worry that inflation may eat away at the value of your retirement portfolio. To reduce the likelihood of that happening, you can boost retirement income by investing in real estate. READ NOW

What Everyone Should Know Before Investing In Real Estate

Members of the Forbes Real Estate Council shared their best tips for investors setting out after their first deal. Consider this advice if you’re in the market for your first property investment. READ NOW

Five Signs You’re Ready For Your First Flip

Taking the first step into real estate investing with a fix-and-flip property can be exhilarating — and terrifying. Buying, renovating and selling a property takes a good chunk of money and time, but if you do it right, it can pay big dividends. READ NOW

How The Rise Of Private Lending Is Reshaping The Mortgage Market

It’s wise for us to wonder, how big is the potential private-loan fund market and how much of that market share can private loan funds capture? READ NOW

Who To Roster On Your Property Flipping Team

In order to ensure a positive experience for borrowers, it’s important to develop and maintain a trusted network that works together to get results. READ NOW

12 Things To Know About Modern First-Time Buyers And The Fate Of ‘Starter Homes’

Rather than investing in the traditional “starter homes” that previous generations purchased, some millennials are choosing to rent for longer and hold out for their ideal property — if they even decide to buy real estate at all. READ NOW

Home improvement tips for the D.C. area

Before everything—before the hammers and saws come out, before the designing and brainstorming, before the loan approvals—try to keep some of these tips in mind, offered by Walnut Street Finance CEO Bobby Montagne. READ NOW

Three D.C. neighborhoods worth watching in 2018

Washington, D.C., is in a state of constant change with new projects announced every week. As new projects come, so too do neighborhood real estate prices fluctuate. READ NOW

Transformative Deanwood development projects, mapped

From affordable housing to retail, see what new projects to expect in this Northeast neighborhood. READ NOW

House flipping hits decade high, but returns are shrinking

More and more people are flipping houses — the most in 10 years – but they are reaping smaller rewards. High home prices, hot competition and very, very few available homes to buy are combining to make this popular trade ever more risky. READ NOW

The Future Of Social Impact Investing? Consider Your Local Community.

Private real estate lending lets investors improve neighborhoods in their own communities — creating jobs and boosting local business income by as much as 42 percent. Real estate lending is a vehicle that keeps their investment close to home. READ NOW

The 3 hottest neighborhoods to live in DC

It’s no surprise that D.C. is a top destination for U.S. homebuyers. It’s also known to be one of the leading major metropolitan cities for flipping houses! Bobby Montagne, CEO of Walnut Street Finance, broke it down to the top three neighborhoods you need to live in 2018. READ NOW

Pivoting From Development To Private Money Lending with Bobby Montagne

After 2008 Bobby saw that banks were not able to lend on projects that previously had never been an issue. With capital drying up, he decided to pivot. He created Walnut Street Finance to provide capital to companies doing what he just pivoted from. LISTEN NOW

The Round Table – Real Estate Simplified – 01/16/18

The Round Table is Southern New England’s #1 real estate program. National award winning realtor, Emilio DiSpirito, and his top tier guests offer valuable insight on how to leverage real estate and financial markets. LISTEN NOW

The most profitable ZIP codes in the Triangle for flipping houses

Durham is ground zero for home flipping in the Triangle. All across the Bull City, investors and developers are throwing money at low-priced homes and, after pumping more funds into renovations, selling for a quick profit. READ NOW

6 Tips for Becoming a Private Lender

For those with ample net worth, becoming private lenders to real estate developers and builders, and other businesses, can make for big payouts, the ability to negotiate favorable terms, meet interesting people and associates, and increase cash flow. READ NOW

Americans worry that this is the biggest threat to the economy

In a sign that the drama in Washington has fully captured the nation’s attention, consumers name the political environment there as the greatest threat to the economy over the next six months, according to a Bankrate survey. READ NOW

People on the Move - Katia Potapov

Director of Operations READ NOW

Do You Know Your Market Share?

Top strategies to measure value and success. READ NOW

What's Not to Like?

The private lending space offers benefits to lenders and borrows, alikeREAD NOW

Ensuring Your Portfolio is Solid

When assessing potential projects, it’s a good idea to run through a checklist of set procedures. READ NOW

A Matter of Choice

Attention, flippers: choosing the right lending partner can be the difference between a project profit and a loss. READ NOW

15 Of The Worst Real Estate Investing Mistakes A Beginner Can Make

Real estate investment can be a tough nut to crack. While some thrive in the industry and rise to the top, others struggle to find success. But what is it that creates the difference between the two? READ NOW

Private Lender Investing in Real Estate Assets

The tight institutional mortgage qualification standards create opportunities for private lenders. Lenders wanting to enjoy the security that comes with real estate backed loans may want to consider hard money lending that typically comes with a 25% to 30% loan to value buffer. READ NOW

7 Entrepreneurs Explain Why The Washington DC Area Is a Good Place for Business

The proximity to the White House and an ever-evolving entrepreneurial spirit makes the area a perfect place to be if you’re looking to start a business. We wanted to hear from some of those business owners on why they believe Washington D.C. is such a good place for being an entrepreneur. READ NOW

Best DC neighborhoods for house flipping

Despite rising prices, D.C. remains one of the most profitable markets for residential real estate flipping. READ NOW

House-flipping in Hampton Roads attracts big pocketed lender from DC

What could $10 million spread out in Hampton Roads and Richmond look like? Think granite countertops, subway-tile kitchen backsplashes, new wood flooring and, in some cases, entirely new houses squeezed in between others built a century ago. READ NOW

How to buy a house in 2018: 5 tips to get an edge this year

Figuring out how to buy a house is no small feat—particularly since the rules keep on changing. So even if you’ve bought a home in the past and feel like the process is old hat, watch out: What worked in 2017 might not fly in 2018. READ NOW

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